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Meet Bobbi

Hi, I'm Bobbi, and I'm in the business of misery... Okay, not really, but as an Marriage & Family Therapist, I hear a lot of stories about the challenges and struggles that people face in their lives. (And if you caught the Paramore reference, high five to you!)

I’m here to tell you that feeling deeply and embracing your emotions to create a life based on your own standards is okay. Embracing your emotions can be scary, but it doesn’t always need to be. I help people make wiser decisions that actually move them closer to where they want to be, rather than being sucked into emotionally messy situations. When you can’t figure out why you have multiple problems in your life you can feel awful about yourself. Our work will find the connection, or the “golden thread” and we will create strategies, so you feel worthy and realize you aren’t broken. The results are relief and confidence. We can only move beyond our feelings by truly experiencing our emotions. Embracing our emotions in this way helps us build confidence in our ability to handle our deepest  feelings as they arise.

To help create a life that honors your authentic and genuine self, it's essential to have an understanding of your internal world and the experiences that have shaped who you are. You deserve to lead a life that is truly yours, without being held back or pressured by other people's expectations and demands. By embracing your unique identity and honoring your own values, you can pave the way for a warm and rewarding journey of self-discovery.⁣ It's ok to express yourself, to take up space, and to be honest with how you're feeling.

🖤 Your feelings are valid! 💜

A few types of therapy I provide are:

  • Couples counseling provides a neutral & safe place to make progress towards rebuilding a fulfilling relationship that meets both you and your partner’s needs and desires.

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  • Therapy can help kids learn to identify and manage big emotions with a trusted and safe adult.

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  • Recovery is possible through effective counseling aimed at discovering the underlying reasons for use.

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just feel sooo done...

With one global trauma after another, the world is starting to feel a lot more panic than disco… With the constant need to hustle, sometimes it feels like we don’t have the time to slow down and enjoy life. We often aren’t taught to prioritize self-care and mental health. Our day-to-day lives can feel like we are on a conveyor belt with predetermined outcomes and any deviation from that is considered “wrong”. We are expected to maintain the status-quo, even though the world may feel as if it’s falling apart.

Sometimes you may wake up thinking “I’m not okay”, and honestly, that’s okay. I believe therapy is a space that should invite you to come as you are, in this moment, to every session. We’ve spent WAY too much of our lives being told to, or feeling like we need to pretend that we’re okay…. Spoiler alert: THAT’S NOT OKAY.


Therapy for ANY phase

Not sure what an elder emo is? No worries! I provide counseling to all generations. Because let’s be real, each generation has paved the way for the next generation to continue figuring things out, we just learned to cope differently. Whether you grew up listening to the Beatles on the radio, or rock the newest metalcore bands, some of the therapy benefits that can help improve your quality of life are:

  • self worth

    Improved Self Worth

  • promotes change

    Promotes Change

  • improved emotional expression

    Improved Emotional Expression

  • relief of symptoms

    Relief of Mental Health Symptoms

  • improved communication

    Improved Communication Skills

  • family dynamics

    Better Understanding of Family Dynamics

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