Let’s Live Like Jack & Sally… (and Zero, too!)

“Do you want to go to couples counseling?”

“I don’t know… isn’t that for couples with problems?”

Have you had this conversation?

Not every couple who goes to counseling is on the brink of separation. In fact, couples who go to counseling earlier have a stronger chance of sorting out the little things before they turn into a giant avalanche of hurt. Two of my favorite psychologists, Dr. Julie & John Gottman, studied this, and found on average couples go to counseling 7 years too late.

I LOVE working with couples who recognize a tune up is needed. Life is full of hard decisions and uncomfortable transitions. You don't have to do this alone.


Early counseling can help you navigate:

Sometimes though… there is chaos.

Okay, so maybe you missed the warning signs. Your relationship used to bring you immense joy, now it's the biggest source of your distress. Even the thought of rebuilding the connection seems utterly overwhelming

Couples counseling can provide a neutral & safe place to begin restoring a fulfilling relationship that meets everyone's needs. Common topics my couples come in for are:

  • Communication Breakdown
  • "The" Reoccuring Fight
  • Substance Use
  • Mistrust

Relationships are tough, and they can ebb and flow. Let's get through hard times together.


Ready to start the healing?

What if we're not sure we'll stay together?

I also provide discernment counseling to help you and your partner discover what steps need to be taken next.

I'm so excited to work with you!

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